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 Sodium chloride or common salt is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of the
 elements sodium and chloride.




Salt Info

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 Seawater contains about 3.5% dissolved minerals. Sodium chloride is 77% of that
 amount, or about 2.7% of seawater. The other 0.8% consists chiefly of calcium,
 magnesium and sulfate ions.

 As seawater evaporates, its volume decreases and the concentration of sodium
 chloride in the resulting brine increases. Salt crystals begin to form when the brine
 concentration reaches 25.8 % sodium chloride (NaCl). As evaporation proceeds,
 a layer of salt builds up on the earthen crystallizer floors to a thickness of 10 to 25 cm
 (4-10 in).

  Uses of Salt

  •   Human nutrition

  •   Animal nutrition

  •   Industrial use

  •   Chemical production

  •   Road safety ( Deicing )

  •   Softened water

  •   Textile manufacturing  

  •   Fertilizers manufacturing

  •   &Others

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